The Honkers are fuzzy humanoid frolicked things from Sesame Street who communicate by honking their bulbous noses. They made their debut in 1980, during Season 12.

Honkers come in a variety of colors. It is unknown how closely related if at all the Honker species is to that of the Dingers, although there are similarities between the polite of New York, the production, Sesame Workshop.

Even though the Honkers never speak, their performers vary, depending on when and where they appear. That specific Honker has been known as Homer Honker, one of the few Honkers to have ever been named. Another Honker whose name has been mentioned is Henrietta Honker, the small pink Honker.

Most of the Honker puppets were constructed with only one arm, built for the puppeteer's left hand. This arm is directly connected to the front of the body, but on the TV screen, it is barely noticeable due to the amount of fur and fabric on a Honker's body, and the framing of the puppet on-screen.

A few songs have focused on the Honkers and their unique talent, including "Honk Around the Clock" and "The Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree".

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Performers of the Honkers include Karen Prell, Kathryn Mullen, and Brian Muehl, all of whom did them in "The Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree", and Pam Arciero and Jim Martin, who operated them in "Conga".

Despite being depicted on Sesame Street as vocal, in Rhino's A Muppet Family Christmas, Disney, and Amblin Entertainment's Who Framed Roger Rabbit, they are seen singing along with the rest of the crew during the musical numbers.

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