Here are the list of humanoids that are green colored.

Image Name Universe Type(s)/Species
A. B. C-more

Anything Muppet

GreenAlloy Alloy (SSBB) Super Smash Bros. Unknown
Alphabeat (Green)
Muppet Anything Muppet
Barbin and the brunette haired Whatnot
Barbin (Whatnot)
Muppet Whatnot
Basil-char Basil Johnny and the Sprites Whatnot, Sprite, Fairy
Claws Cheryl Claws Planet 51 Alien
Vlcsnap-2013-03-01-14h21m55s52 Clancy Muppet Anything MuppetMonster
Crossed-eyed Brown Haired Whatnot Dancer
Muppet Whatnot
Envy Envy (Muppet Show) Muppet Whatnot, Deadly Sin
Fat Cat performer
Muppet Anything Muppet
Green Elmo Elmo (Green Variant) Muppet Anything Muppet, Monster
Vlcsnap-2013-02-27-21h52m18s58 Genie (Fraggle Rock) Muppet Whatnot , Imp, Genie
Image 178 General Grawl (Planet 51) Planet 51 Alien
Green AM Avenue Q Green Anything Muppet (Avenue Q) Muppet Anything Muppet
Puppets (33) Green long nosed Girl Whatnot (Stuffed and Unstrung) Muppet Whatnot
Green Dinger
Muppet Dinger
Nick Whatnot Green Teen Fraggle Esque Whatnot with black hair and eyebrows Muppet Whatnot
Glar Glar Dulam Planet 51 Alien
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Green Fraggle-esque Soilder Alien (Planet 51) Planet 51 Alien
Homer Honker
Muppet Honker
59298 160159560662287 2841496 n
Jake Whatnot
Muppet Whatnot
JohnnyFiama Johnny Fiama Muppet Whatnot
Kanassan Kanassan Dragon Ball Kassana, FaunaReptilianoid
Lem Lem Korplog Planet 51 Alien
Luna Planet 51 poster
Luna (Planet 51, Humanoid version)
Planet 51 Alien
Magician Alien (Planet 51)
Planet 51 Alien
Image 133 Mailman and Milkman Aliens (Planet 51) Planet 51 Alien
Mickey (Planet 51)
Planet 51 Alien
Mrcook-200x200 Mr. Cook (Whatnot Version) Muppet Whatnot
3925461907 fa421e6a77 b Neera Young Planet 51 Alien
3926078890 862372fcea b Neera's Parents Planet 51 Alien
Avenue q 86a
Muppet Anything Muppet
Peggy Sue Planet 51
Peggy Sue
Planet 51 Alien
Image 184 Professor Kipple Planet 51 Alien
Restaurant Server female Alien
Planet 51 Alien
WTFFFFF by LierMagician Ricky Avenue Q Muppet Anything Muppet
Jugband3 Slim (Whatnot) Muppet Whatnot
SherlockHemlock-2009 Sherlock Hemlock Muppet Anything Muppet
Image 154 Skiff Xounellius Planet 51 Alien
Tea Lady #1
Planet 51 Alien
Teen Afro Alien
Planet 51 Alien
Teen Boy Alien #1
Planet 51 Alien
Teen Alien with Glasses Planet 51
Teen Boy Alien #2
Planet 51 Alien
Boogiewoogieboys Two-Headed Singer (Left head) Muppet Whatnot
373793 177477185672703 1645913987 n Vinnie Whatnot Muppet Whatnot
Whatnot Muppets 2011 green
Whatnot Green #1
Muppet Whatnot