Universe Dragon Ball Universe
Homeworld Kanassa
Average Height ~6 ft
Diet Unspecified
Language Telepathic
Sapience Level Sapient
Subspecies Unspecified
Kanassan Green

A green-hued Kanassan in the underworld, many years after the genocide of his species.

Kanassans were a species of bipedal, sapient reptilianoid-icthyoids indigenous to the planet Kanassa. They were known telepaths and clairvoyants, and spoke to one another through telepathy. Because of this combined with their ability to harness ki energy, Frieza of the World Trade Organization ordered their eradication out of fear of them, starting the Kanassan War. While his best warriors could not put a dent in the Kanassan defenses, a small group of Saiyans landed on the planet and transformed into Oozaru, apparently destroying the species within a single night.

They were a brave species - despite knowing that they were to be destroyed, they put up an honorable fight against Bardock and his Saiyan team. They are also very honorable; this was evident when Demetrious and an unnamed commander were speaking, and after Demetrious drew blood, the commander stated to him, "You have done well, my friend... I will meet you at the door.", implying that he had served his honorable duty and now had to pass to the next world.

Kanassans are also capable of transferring their clairvoyant abilities over to another being, with Demetrious doing so as a sort of "curse" to Bardock for killing off his people.