Kermit the Forg is a tall furry gray humanoid monster with a long turquoise nose.

He was first seen in a Sesame Street sketch in which Kermit the Frog is frustrated in his attempts to buy a personalized shirt from the Shirt Salesman. The sketch also features Kermit the Gorf and Kermit the Grof.

This monster has appeared periodically on Sesame Street from 1978 to 2008. In his later appearances beyond 1980, he gains lavender eyelids and brown eyelashes. He has been performed by Jerry Nelson (The Wonderful World of T-Shirts), Richard Hunt (We Are All Monsters), Michael Earl (Near Far Monsters), and Martin P. Robinson (Monsters of Venice) among others.

The Kermit the Forg wordplay was reprised in Episode 314 of The Muppet Show, with guest star Harry Belafonte. The episode included a running gag involving Fozzie Bear writing the script for the show as it went along. Kermit's opening monologue began: "Lagies and Jecklefins, my name is Kermit The Forg... The Forg!?!"


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